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Frequently asked questions

Can I try out Open Stage for free before I purchase?

Yes. Currently, the first two units are free, no credit card required. Just register for a free account for access.

As new units and year levels are added, there will continue to be some free content as well as some paid content.

When will new units be released?

Open Stage is currently developing units to cover the Year 7 History curriculum. New units will be released every month and the full Year 7 set will be uploaded by September 2022. 

We are also developing units to cover the full secondary History curriculum from Years 7 - 10. These units will be released by the end of 2022. We are also planning on adding other humanities subjects in 2023. 

Do I have to install any technology?

No. There is no program to install for you or your students. Students do not need devices of any kind. Open Stage uses the tools you already use - PowerPoint, Word and video. This is designed to make the resources as flexible and easy to use as possible. 

Do I have to follow the program exactly?

No. You can follow the whole sequence of learning, or just take the parts that best fit with your school's existing teaching program. You can decide on your approach based on your particular classroom needs. 

Can I adapt the resources to my needs?

Absolutely! The resources are designed to be fully flexible so you can change the unit design, lesson plans, slides or classroom materials to fit your students. Open Stage gives you an incredible foundation that you can keep building on based on your teaching approach and student knowledge. 

Are the lessons aligned with the Australian, Victorian and New South Wales curriculums?

Our units are aligned to the New Australian Curriculum which was just released in 2022 (v9.0). Units also retain alignment to the old version of the Australian Curriculum pre-2022 (v8.4). This means teachers can use Open Stage units as they transition to the new Australian Curriculum because the units effectively bridge from one version to the next. 

The current NSW Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum are both very similar to the old version of the Australian Curriculum. Therefore, although Open Stage is not yet explicitly aligned to these state curricula, teachers in NSW and Victoria can still use Open Stage. Open Stage will update resources to align to state curricula when the states announce their new curriculum designs. 

Who developed the lessons and resources?

The resources were designed by a team of teachers and education policy experts drawing on the latest evidence on what works in the classroom. Open Stage uses research about knowledge-rich curriculum design and evidence-based instruction to develop all of our resources. 

Can I share these resources with other teachers?

Each teacher (or individual) must have their own membership to use Open Stage resources. The sharing, distribution or copying of resources with non-Open Stage members is prohibited because our resources all contain copyrighted material.  All of our documents are encoded with your unique identifier to prevent unauthorised sharing. We maintain a Statutory Education License with the Copyright Agency.

How does the discounted early access pricing work?

If you join now you will stay on these discounted subscription rates of $19.99 per month or $199 per year for as long as you stay subscribed to Open Stage. That is because we are still building out the membership with new units and year levels. 

Once more units have been released, the price of an Open Stage membership will increase for new members. But early access members will stay on these discounted rates for as long as their membership stays active. 

Can I buy lessons individually?

We don’t sell units or lessons individually. But the good news is you get access to every single lesson on Open Stage through the one membership. If you’re only interested in one unit, you could purchase a monthly membership and cancel when you’ve finished it – we have a hunch you’ll want to stick around though :)

This is because our lessons are constantly being updated in response to teacher feedback and class room observations. The lessons are also regularly updated in accordance with changes in the Australian Curriculum. 

Will I be charged every month?

The membership is a subscription. You will be automatically charged monthly or annually (depending on which plan you choose). We send you reminders before your subscription renews so you don't accidentally forget about it. You can easily cancel by turning off auto-renew at any time in your account page.

Is it easy to cancel?

Very easy! All you have to do is click a button on your account page. No tricks, no emails, no calls. It's a straightforward process.

You won't be billed again at your next billing cycle. Your membership will remain active and you'll continue to have access to the site until your membership expires on the day it was originally set to renew.

You can easily restart your membership at any time. Just log in to your account and renew a monthly or annual membership to pick up where you left off.

What's the difference between a monthly and annual membership?

The only difference is that the annual plan saves you $40 a year.
With an annual membership, we bill you once a year up-front, and you save 17% as a result. We'll send you reminders before we bill you each year so that you don't accidentally forget about it.

With the monthly membership, you pay month to month. It's a subscription, so we bill you each month until you cancel. Cancelling your plan at any point is very easy to do online - no tricks, emails, or phone calls required. Just click a button on your account page.