History teaching made easier.

High quality lesson resources for history teachers

What's inside?

Everything you need to deliver outstanding history lessons

Unit designs

Comprehensive units designed by our expert team of experienced educators

Lesson plans

Detailed lesson plans that engage students and build knowledge gradually

Slides and student workbooks

High-quality classroom slides and student workbooks that bring each lesson plan to life

Video guides

Our expert teachers guide you on how to teach each lesson and anticipate student thinking
All resources are aligned to the new Australian Curriculum.
New year levels coming soon!

Year 7 History


Practical resources to support your lesson planning

Detailed unit plans and lesson guides

High quality classroom slides

Student workbooks and assessments

Benefits of planning your lessons with Open Stage

Enhances learning

Students are given a coherent and engaging story across the whole unit. The step-by-step lessons enable students to gradually master key concepts and retain knowledge.

Saves teacher time

Instead of designing lessons from scratch, you can spend your time preparing to deliver lessons and engaging with your students. 


Open Stage uses research about knowledge-rich curriculum design and evidence-based instruction to develop all of our resources.

Fully flexible

You can follow the whole sequence of learning, or just take the parts that best fit with your school's existing teaching program.

No tech required

There is nothing to install and no  technology to implement. We use the tools you already work with: documents, slides and videos. 

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Units align to the new Australian Curriculum while still covering the existing curriculum - the perfect bridge for your curriculum transition.

How it works

Open Stage helps teacher teams to focus their time on adaption and execution rather than planning lessons from scratch.

Lesson study 

Start with lesson study rather than lesson planning. Teacher teams unpack the shared Open Stage units, learning objectives, assessment, timing, and connections with other learning areas.

Adapt flexible resources

Make changes and re-write lessons as much or as little as required. Consider readings, lesson objectives, and slides, and adjust them depending on what works best for your school and students. 


Use the Lesson Guides to stay focused on the key learning objectives. Follow the expert video guides and teaching tips. Student workbooks and slides reduce the workload for daily lesson prep.

Review learning

With shared teaching resources, colleagues can more easily discuss how the lesson went and what was learned. Teachers can use classroom observation and formative assessment data to improve future teaching.

Want to get a head start on your lessons?

Speed up your lesson planning with Open Stage