Our mission

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Open Stage's mission is to support teachers by providing them everything they need to deliver outstanding lessons.

Open Stage uses evidence-based teaching practices

Knowledge-rich lessons

Open Stage resources bring history to life by engaging students with deep historical knowledge. The units teach historical skills through historical content. This content is selected purposefully to build students' understanding of period and place.

Explicit teaching

Open Stage lessons fully explain and demonstrate what students need to learn. Every lesson has clear learning objectives. We equip teachers to provide thorough guidance on complex new material and to break down skills and knowledge into small chunks.

Coherent sequencing

Open Stage presents history sequentially so that students can develop a strong chronological understanding of the past. Units and lessons logically build on each other and include repeated exposure to different examples of complex historical concepts. 

Based in cognitive science

Open Stage uses the latest research on learning and thinking. Each lesson is designed to activate student thinking to enhance their recall of key skills and knowledge. The unit plans incorporate retrieval practice to reactivate student knowledge at multiple points throughout the year. 

Meet our CEO

Katie Roberts-Hull

Katie founded Open Stage after working as a teacher and researcher and finding out how difficult it is to design quality lessons with limited time and resources. Katie is passionate about supporting teachers to thrive in the classroom and spend more time engaging with their students. 

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