Opinion Piece in The Age: Supporting Senior Students

Open Stage CEO Katie Roberts-Hull has an opinion piece in The Age today outlining concern for the increase in senior secondary students opting out of exams. 

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The number of students in Victoria, Australia who are receiving "unscored" results for their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) exams has increased significantly in recent years.

The article argues that this trend is likely to continue unless more is done to support students and help them succeed in their exams.

"Australia has been dropping in the global rankings of school systems for two decades...It is unfortunately not hard to imagine that the 15-year-olds that showed signs of learning declines on these assessments became 17-year-olds struggling with the rigour of VCE exams."

There are several factors that may be contributing to the increase in unscored results, including a lack of support for disadvantaged students, inadequate teacher support, and a lack of resources in schools. Addressing these issues is essential in order to ensure that all students have the support they need to succeed in their exams and receive an ATAR.

"Instead of just passive accommodation, our students deserve significant intervention."

The article highlights the need for greater investment in education and support for students in order to improve their chances of success in their exams. This includes providing more resources for schools, better teacher training, and targeted support for disadvantaged students. 

"We can maintain a rigorous senior secondary program if we raise the achievement of students in lower year levels. Teachers in years 7-10 tend to get substantially less support and attention, but they are responsible for the foundational learning and confidence that allows students to be successful in their final years of school."

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