Timeline of Deep Time Australia

Deep Time Australian History

With the launch new Australian Curriculum, many secondary teachers want to add more depth and detail to their teaching of the deep time history of Australia.

To support teachers and students, Open Stage has created a detailed timeline of the key events in deep time Australia, categorised into the Pleistocene and Holocene epochs.

The timeline includes both natural events like rising sea levels, as well as key achievements of First Nations Australians.
These timelines are embedded in Lesson 5 of our Ancient Australia unit where we have detailed a task for students to create these timelines in small groups (scroll to last pages for master timeline).

Check out the Lesson Guide for Lesson 5 in the Ancient Australia unit which describes the full lesson and the timeline activity. Turn to the final page of the guide for the full timeline embedded with links to the source of the event and date.

The above content is part of Lesson 5 of our Ancient Australia unit.

Click to access the full lesson (subscription required)


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